Cadence Etiquette

Kindness always.
Stay positive and friendly with yourself, instructors, other riders and staff.

Be on your bike on time.
A proper warm up is essential to a safe ride. If class has started, you will not be allowed entry. Arriving late disrupts those around you as well as the instructor.

Cross talk is distracting to those around you.
All conversation can wait until after your ride.

Be clean.
Respect your neighbours and have freshly laundered clothes. We are in very close quarters and are a sweaty group.

Shirts on.
Yes, it can get warm and it may feel good to disrobe, but save it for the beach. The people next to you do not want your sweat flying onto them.

Leave your phones outside of the studio.
If you have an emergency or may need to be reached during class, please leave your phone with a front desk member.

We are one community We welcome, support and elevate each other with our energy.